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Reconfigurable machining center

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The invention relates to machine tools for manufacturing. In particular, the new architecture, based on an innovative screw-nut coupling, allows the machine tool’s bed axis to extend without any limit by coupling multiple beds.

Technical features

The invention relates to a machining center (1), characterized by:

  • a bed (2) extending longitudinally in the X direction
  • a movable cross-member (3) with respect to the bed (2) in the direction X provided with a machining head (4)
  • support elements of the movable cross-member (3) on the bed (2) along the X-direction
  • a leadscrew rack (5) integral with the bed (2) extending along the bed (2) in a parallel direction to X for the entire extension of the bed.
  • a screw (6) coupled to the movable cross member (3); the screw (6) is engaged with the corresponding leadscrew rack (5),

The longitudinal extension of the bed (2) in the first direction is an integer multiple of the pitch of the leadscrew rack; the bed (2) includes elements (8) for coupling to a following or preceding adjacent (2 ‘) bed along the X direction.

Possible Applications

  • Manufacturing industries.


  • Unlimited extension of machining volume along one axis;
  • Possibility to integrate different machining and measurement technologies on the same machining center;
  • Simplicity of reconfiguration of the machining center according to the required production capacity.