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Real-time system for monitoring of structures

Guided wave testingMonitoraggio strutturaleOn condition maintenancePiezoelectric transducerSmart embedded systemsStructural health monitoring


The invention consists in a system for active monitoring of complex structures (such as those in modern aerospace, aeronautic, railway and railroad field), permanently integrated within the structures. This system allows for both evaluation of the structural integrity and   early detection of eventual damages, requiring low  operating, installation and maintenance costs.

Technical features

The invention allows for realisation of smart structures to convey structural health monitoring in arbitrary complex structures, such as for example aerospace, aeronautic, railway and railroad platforms). The structural monitoring sustem is integrated within the structues and allows to scan the structure to be evaluated, to autonomously perform structural health monitoring tasks and detect damages early, without requiring out-of-service time. In particular, the invention is based on ultrasonic guided waves testing and consists of a transducer emitting elastic waves in different directions, depending on the signal frequency. In reception, the frequency response of the transducer varies depending on the direction of the incident wave.

Possible Applications

  • Evaluation of the structural integrity of the modern aerospace, aeronautic, railway and railroad platforms;
  • Early detection of eventual damages and evaluation of their progression;
  • Assessment of the repair actions’ effectiveness.


  • Application to both standard and composite materials;
  • Reduced cabling complexity;
  • Reduced power consumption, volume and weight;
  • Lower operating, installation and maintenance costs.