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Purification procedure of “manna impura”

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The invention consists in a procedure allowing a total purification of waste matter from manna, in order to re-qualify this now neglected and undervalued material and obtain a final product with a high market price (10-15-fold the current one).

Technical features

The invention consists in an original procedure to purify dirty manna, an under-utilized waste matter from the lymph poured from fraxinus plants, to obtain a product comparable with the pure edible “manna”, and enriched in bioactive components with respect to pure manna. Methods to treat the so obtained purified manna are also part of the invention.

Possible Applications

  • The purified product may be utilized in:
    • alimentary industry;
    • pharmaceutical preparations;
    • cosmetic preparations.


  • The manna purified by our method contains all components of pure manna, and results further eriched with phenol bio-compounds known for health-promoting properties.