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Protein antigens from Streptococcus Pneumoniae

Antigenic peptide fragmentsDrug therapyPneumococcal vaccineProphylaxisStreptococcus diagnosis kit


Antigenic protein fragments of Streptococcus pneumoniae to be used for the preparation of a medicament for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections and a method for the detection thereof, and related compositions using said epitopes, are disclosed.

Technical features

Current pneumococcal vaccines confer protection against the indicated, or a subset of, serotypes, resulting in a limited coverage in case of serotype replacement. The three peptide fragments disclosed in this invention derive from the products of genes spr1370, spr1120 and spr1875, which are required for growth of S. pneumoniae and for its ability to cause disease. In particular, the Spr1875-derived polypeptide R4 was capable of markedly protecting, after immunization, experimental animals against S. pneumoniae infection. Present in all sequenced genomes of S. pneumoniae and expressed on the bacterial surface thereby accessible to protective antibodies, Spr1875 therefore represents an important target for the prevention and/or therapy for pneumococcal diseases. Moreover, the conserved Spr1875 and Spr1120 are suitable candidates for both vaccines and diagnostic kits against S. pneumoniae and other gram positive Bacteria.

Possible Applications

  • Peptide vaccine;
  • Diagnostic kit;
  • Ligand-based kit;
  • Antibody-based kit.


  • Antigenic peptides from conserved virulence factors;
  • Serotype-independent vaccine;
  • Lower production costs;
  • Diagnosis kit for streptococcal infections.