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Protection system for vertical geothermal probes

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The invention consists of an innovative way of installation vertical geothermal probes into the ground, opening up new perspectives for designers, probes  installers of and end users. Patented technology increases the reliability of the probes, compared to other currently available technologies, and facilitates inspection, maintenance and eventual replacement in case of damages.

Technical features

The patented technology implies, first, insertion of the probes inside an innovative protection system, and, second, its installation in the ground. The heat transfer fluid to be injected into the annulus present between the probes and the protection system, allows to improve the heat transfer between the probe and the ground, enhancing the ability to extract energy from the subsoil, thanks to the convection phenomena.

Possible Applications

  • Geothermal heat pumps for building air conditioning;
  • Heat recovery applications.


  • Greater reliability of the probe and control of verticality;
  • Better control of the overall thermal resistance of the probe;
  • Increased heat exchange and energy efficiency;
  • Decreased risk of thermo-vector fluids leakage in ground water.