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Proportional Electrovalve for gas and fluids

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A solenoid valve in which, unlike the common ON / OFF solenoid valves, it is possible to control the position of the valve continuously and linearly through the power supply. This solution allows to quickly and accurately control the flow rate and pressure of different fluids (liquid and gaseous).

Elettrovalvola proporzionale

Technical features

The electromagnetic actuator for the proportional solenoid valve is mainly made using a fixed ferromagnetic core, a spring and an excitation winding. Through a current signal, there is a proportional displacement of the translator against the spring in intermediate positions to the two end-of-stroke positions. The valve is normally closed. This allows the regulation of the liquid or gas flow controlled by the valve itself in an extremely precise and rapid way, as well as guaranteeing the intrinsic safety of the system. It lends itself to multiple uses, from domestic applications (boilers, ovens, hobs) to industrial and automotive applications (fuel flow control). Despite the proportional nature, the cost is low due to its simplicity compared to existing proportional valves and is only slightly higher than the common manual valves for domestic applications. For boilers in particular, this solution allows to increase efficiency and improve combustion under low loads.

Possible Applications

  • Domestic gas boilers;
  • Gas ovens and hobs;
  • Process industry;
  • Automotive.


  • Costs comparable to manual valves;
  • Simplicity;
  • Compliant to international standards;
  • Accuracy and speed of control and execution.