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Profile for cultivation of photosynthetic organism

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The present invention enables a pressurised hydraulic circuit to be made inside the channels of an alveolar panel of transparent plastic thus allowing the liquid to be irradiated by external light. The transparent material can be used as a light exposure apparatus for various types of organisms.These organisms can be used in the fields of energy generation, industrial processes and also for human and animal nutrition.

Technical features

The object of the present invention is therefore that of providing a system that enables a hydraulic circuit to be made inside an alveolar panel. This system generates the hydraulic seal with the internal sections of the panel that can be exploited to create a serpentine or other type of hydraulic circuit. The system for the production of photosynthetic organisms under controlled conditions comprises:  apparatus for exposing liquids to sunlight, liquid conveyance apparatus, nutrient feed apparatus, liquid distribution apparatus, oegassing apparatus, inoculation apparatus for gaseous substances, control and management apparatus, harvesting apparatus connected downstream, loading apparatus. During the passage through the system the photosyntethic oranisms, following the routes set by the use of the sealing and connection elements, are irradiated by light from the outside and absorb the energy needed for the internal chemical reactions.

Possible Applications

  • Photosynthetic microorganisms for:
  • Energy (biofuel production);
  • Food industry;
  • Cosmetics, pharmaceutics, chemicals;
  • Waste water Treatment (industrial, civil and agricultural/zootechnical process);
  • Reduction of CO2 contained in the discharge fumes of combustion plants.


  • Environmental: reductions of over 80% of the main undesired elements;
  • Economical: savings with respect to traditional treatment process and reutilization of purified water;
  • Utilization of waste (discharge fumes and waste water) to produce a product of value.