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Production of instrumented pultruded bars

Embedded monitoring systemsFibre optic sensorsSmart composite materialsSmart materialsStructural monitoring


Innovative production procedure for embedding sensors and actuators along standard industrial pultrusion production line of composite bars of any section shape. The procedure is particularly well fitted for embedding fibre optic  sensors devoted to structural monitoring of the pultruded component while in use.

Technical features

The claimed procedure refers to the embedding of sensors or actuators along standard industrial pultrusion production line of composite bars, commonly referred to as ‘continuous production line’. Standard industrial composite tendons and bars, made by pultrusion procedure, are typically used in civil engineering works for structural reinforcements. The patent outlines an efficient procedure to instrument the pultruded product, by use of embedded sensors or actuators, allowing not only the traditional reinforcement but also an effective structural monitoring of the product in real time along its working life. The patent is specifically well suited and efficient for embedding sensors based on fbre optic technology, both punctual and distributed.

Possible Applications

  • Production of civil engineering and geotechnical works with self-monitoring capabilities;
  • Production of structural and geotechnical monitoring systems to be installed on existing works;
  • Retrofit of civil and geotechnical works for seismic qualification with built-in self-monitoring capabilities.


  • Compatible with standard industrial production line of pultruded products, provided use of an optional module;.
  • Low-cost fully reliable industrial-grade procedure allowing production of high added-value products;
  • Final product innovative and with high technological content, fully reliable for industrial applications.