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Production process of reinforced ceramic composite materials with ceramic fibers able to withstand very high temperatures, with excellent thermal stability and high mechanical resistance up to temperatures of 1500 ° C.

Technical features

Production process of ceramic composite materials reinforced with ceramic fibers capable of withstanding very high temperatures, with excellent thermal stability and high mechanical strength up to temperatures of the order of 1500 ° C. This process combines different techniques of infiltration of the matrix, both liquid and in gaseous form and optimizes the process parameters according to the percentage of fiber of the preform. In this way it guarantees the total transformation of the precursor into the carbonaceous matrix in a minimum time and temperature. Composite materials with ceramic matrix reinforced by C / C and C / SiC ceramic fibers have good thermal and mechanical properties maintained even at high temperatures. They are characterized by good resistance to thermal shock and oxidation (in the case of C / SiC).

Possible Applications

  • Realization of thermal protection systems in atmospheric reentry aircraft;
  • Production of high-end brakes in the railway and automotive sectors;
  • Construction of ducts in nuclear reactors.


  • High resistance to stress and thermal excursions;
  • Production times short enough to allow for significant productivity;
  • Excellent mechanical properties of resistance to loads and stress;
  • Excellent thermal properties due to the very low thermal conductivity.