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Production of biopolimers using agroindustrial waste

agrowasteanaerobic fermentationCarboxylic AcidsESTECHESTECHevaporationmembrane separation


The invention relates to a process of  biopolymer production through agro-industrial waste exploitation, aiming to offer a simple and economical alternative to biogas production, which doesn’t imply any change at the existing fermentation facilities.

Technical features

Some organic acids production routes are not economically feasible, mainly due to the low final concentration of acids and high separation costs. The invention aims to overcome this issue, by producing selected organic acids through a simple and convenient separation method.

The patented process can be applied to an agro-industrial by-product (such as scraps of vegetables and / or fruit, marc, whey, etc.) to be exploited through the production of carboxylic acids or biopolymers. Therefore, the invention could be of interest for industrial sectors producing significant volumes of waste.

Possible Applications

  • Production of bioplastics to be used, for example, for packaging;
  • Production of various additives used in various sectors, including the biomedical one;
  • Reuse of food waste.


  • Simplicity and affordability of the method;
  • No production line adjustment;
  • Opportunity for waste valorisation.