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Process to realize an anode for lithium ion batteries

AnodeLithium-ion batteryMolybdenumNano-porous germanium


The invention consists of a process to realize a new type of high capacity anode for lithium ion batteries consisting of a layer of nano-porous germanium.

Technical features

The technology concerns the realization of a new type of high capacity anode for lithium-ion batteries, based on a layer of nano-porous germanium. This layer can be grown directly on metal substrates by means of a highly efficient and potentially scalable process on mass production. Metallic lithium is a highly reactive element and its use inside devices has long been abandoned for safety reasons in favor of solutions based on anodic materials that allow to store lithium ions in a more stable form. Among these materials, silicon and germanium are two optimal candidates both for their characteristics and for availability and cost. The invention therefore consists of a germanium film grown on a metallic substrate having the function of current collector made of molybdenum or steel which is deposited by PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)

Possible Applications

  • Portable electronic devices
  • Electric vehicles
  • Aerospace sector
  • Adaptable to the existing “roll-to-roll” industrial production systems in the photovoltaic field


  • Anode that allows to store three times the charge per unit of mass compared to the current graphite anodes
  • Maintenance of the original battery capacity even after a high number of charge and discharge cycles
  • Use of non-damageable substrates in contact with hydrofluoric acid