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ferrihydrite and magnetiteInnovative synthesisiron nano oxidesmaghemite and hematite


The proposed patented process concerns the synthesis by ion exchange resins of ferrihydrite and magnetite nanoparticles of very small size and high specific surface area, which can be used as precursors for the production of maghemite and hematite nanoparticles, also of very small size and high specific surface area.

Technical features

As the technician of the sector knows, the current production processes of iron oxide nanoparticles have limitations, such as: long synthesis times, low production yield, low process scalability at industrial level, use of organic substances in the synthesis phase, use of complex equipment, as well as the need for intermediate steps necessary for the removal of additives or secondary reaction products. In this context, a team of researchers from the University of L’Aquila has developed an innovative production process of iron oxide nanoparticles, in particular ferrihydrite and magnetite, patented at Italian level, which overcomes the limitations of current methods. The patent process allows production to be carried out at room temperature, is characterized by a high yield, an extraordinary reduction in production time and a simple scalability at industrial level, since there is no formation of by-products of reaction.

Possible Applications

  • Administration and controlled release of drugs;
  • Contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Adsorption of heavy metals;
  • Realization of memories on nanoscale and nano-wires;
  • Sensors.


  • Considerable reduction in production times;
  • Savings on raw materials and on energy level;
  • Simple and scalable process that saves time and costs;
  • Quality of the final product and increased surface activity.