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Process for managing cephalometric models to compile orthodontic treatment plans

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Medicephis a cephalometric software for latero-lateral analysis that allow to quickly accomplish a cepahlometric exam, create superimposition and develop orthodontic treatment plans. The software can be interfaced both to database and file of text, and it is equipped with management elements that allow photo report storing and the compiling of a clinical diary where is possible to note the activity don eat the different time points.

Technical features

The software has a simply and intuitive interface and easily allow to capture, recover and present the clinical reports of a patient. The new finding of the software is represent by an algorithm that work on the pixel of the images, ensuring a good image quality also at high level of magnification. This allow a 5X zoom without a lost of image quality; with a traditional zoom, between two pixels, is calculated a mean value, the algorithm proposed by the authors, allow to create a balanced scale in exponentially sense between the two pixels of the image. Another innovative finding of the software is the possibility to select in an indivually manner the anatomicall and marks to use for the cephalometric analysis; this allow a customization of the trace on the basis of the specific needs of the clinicians or considering the specific malocclusion of the patient.

Possible Applications

  • Dentistry;
  • Medicine.


  • Individualized selection of points;
  • Quick and precise implementation of cephalometric tracks;
  • Archiving of photo reports;
  • Management of treatment plans;
  • Friendly and intuitive interface.