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WISDOM Cheese (Water Incorporation, Shelf-life Deduction and Orientation in the Modeling of Cheese) is a software for measuring the nutrient content in cow’s milk cheeses without advanced instrumentation. WISDOM Cheese enhances production yields and shelf-life performances by means of the determination of proteins and other key factors. The WISDOM Cheese products has been designed for the large-scale  industrial production of cheeses.

Technical features

WISDOM Cheese is a user-friendly software, and it is able to determine the approximate cheese composition by means of two input data: moisture and fat matter (with associated analytical errors). In addition, the software can display molecular weights of proteins with a general congruence judgment for the sample including critical alerts or non-critical warnings concerning original input data, and related suggestions. A preventive hygiene and safety evaluation for the sample with residual durability is obtained. WISDOM Cheese has been created to be used in different fields: large-scale industrial plants for cheese production, and companies carrying out transformation, storage, and distribution. The software is perfect for law advisors and organizations performing studies, research, and high training. Moreover, WISDOM Cheese allows simultaneously and speedily to perform evaluations and calculations at design and production steps, differently from instruments using dissimilar analytical protocols at different times.


Possible Applications

  • Cheese industry;
  • Transformation of foods containing cow milk cheeses as ingredients;
  • Retailers and intermediate distributors;
  • Transportation and Distribution Agents;
  • Law Advisors;
  • Academic departments and associated organizations;
  • Scientific organizations for private research;
  • Consultants working on the following topics: food technology; food-contact packaging;
  • High-training organizations.


  • User-friendly interface;
  • Usability for: Windows XP and following operative systems e seguenti; Android-supported systems;
  • Cheese design in the industry;
  • Scientific studies concerning food technology, chemistry, and microbiology for cheeses;
  • Evaluation of the chemical condition of proteins when speaking of molecular fragmentation;
  • Reduction of costs and rapidity of results concerning proteins;
  • Preventive hygiene and safety screening of the cheese without microbiological analyses (negative evaluations have to be confirmed analytically).