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Procedures and software programs for computation offloading of mobile applications

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Development of a method to manage the transfer of execution (Computation offloading) of applications for wireless devices to fixed computing systems available in the immediate vicinity, exploiting the radio access provided by wireless networks.

Technical features

Computation offloading is a strategy that has been studied for a long time to improve the efficiency in the use of communication and computing resources by mobile devices that typically have low energy resources, as they are powered by batteries, and sometimes have limited capacity. calculation, as in the case of sensors used to monitor industrial processes. The novelty of this patent lies in the strategy by which both the computing and communication resources are jointly managed. The decision method is based on the exploration of an oriented graph which includes three levels: i) Feasibility level,  ii) Criticality level, and iii) Level of opportunity.

Furthermore, the decision method is based not on a single parameter, such as the signal-to-noise ratio or energy consumption, but considers, jointly, a series of parameters, with the aim of finding an optimal balance of the resources of calculation and communication, using an algorithm whose complexity is however limited.

Possible Applications

  • Recognition of objects or revelation of events of interest from images or videos captured by distributed web cameras;
  • Enhancement of applications designed for smartphones, ensuring an extension of the average lifetime of the batteries;
  • Development of programs for the automated control of manufacturing processes.


  • Possibility of bringing machine learning services very close to the end user;
  • Limitation of service latency;
  • Limitation of energy consumption.