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Procedure for the extraction of active ingredients from Cannabis

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This technology refers to a process which allows to obtain oily extracts containing high and reproducible quantities of cannabinoids in decarboxylated form and therefore pharmacologically active, in particular tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Specific oral dosage forms were then prepared, obtained from the oily extracts in question, in order to guarantee optimal organoleptic characteristics. The above preparations do not modify the stability of the extract.

Technical features

The legislation in force in Italy provides oral or inhalation administration of Cannabis. With regard to the oral administration, the current legislation provides a specific decoction, for which there are methods indicated by the Ministry of Health, or an oil, for which there is currently no official method of preparation. Preparations in the form of decoction, in consideration of the low recovery of THC and CBD and consequently of the high volume that the patient should take, should not be considered as a first choice. The process of preparation of the oily extracts object of this patent, compared to other known methods, guarantees a practically exhaustive extraction of the vegetable drug and allows to obtain an extremely concentrated product, in particular with respect to the decarboxylated cannabinoids.

Possible Applications

  • Administration of oral preparations containing Cannabis oil to patients suffering from diseases for which the medical use of Cannabis is permitted;
  • The capsules are easily administrable, transportable, with pleasant organoleptic characteristics and stable at room temperature.


  • Possibility of obtaining oily extracts containing high and reproducible quantities of cannabinoids in decarboxylated form;
  • Easy handling of the oral pharmaceutical form (capsules);
  • Possibility to mask the organoleptic characteristics of the oily extracts.