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Procedure and device to identify race walking condition of an athlete

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The present invention refers to a system for the identification of the race walking conditions, during the race walking of an athlete. In particular, a specific process for data acquisition and data analysis has been validated for the recognition of faults during the race walking, specifically the loss of contact and knee bent, and a device for its implementation during sport.

Technical features

A procedure for detecting simultaneously in real-time two or more predetermined gait types of an athlete during a race walk, comprising the following steps:

  • Acquiring data from at least one triaxial accelerometer and/or at least one triaxial gyroscope fixed to a body segment of said athlete and oriented in order to have the respective measuring axes orthogonal to the three anatomic planes referred to the athlete;
  • Providing said input data to a stochastic-based classifier to obtain a sequence of states in output, each one corresponding to one of said predetermined gait types and being associated to an estimated probability that said state corresponds to the corresponding race walking type.

Possible Applications

  • Race walking competition;
  • Race walking training;
  • Technical gesture recognition;
  • Assessment of motor performance of human .


  • Wearability without influencing the technical gesture;
  • Simultaneous identification of the two race walking faults;
  • Detection algorithm not athlete-specific;
  • Objectivisation of the fault recognition.