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Preparation of autoclaved bioaerated concrete

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The patent concerns the process for the preparation of an aqueous mixture containing cement, silica sand and and a bio-aerating agent, which leads to the creation of an autoclaved aerated concrete manufact with high thermal, acoustic and fire resistance properties and also permit a production costs reduction and greater sustainability.

Technical features

The innovative BAAC (Bio Aerated Autoclavated Concrete) process for the realization of an autoclaved bio-aerated concrete allows the replacement of aluminum powder, air-entraining agent that requires stringent safety measures in industrial plants, with a microorganism (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and hydrogen peroxide . The result is a block of concrete of high lightness, due to the porosity produced by oxygen bubbles released by the reaction between some enzymes of the yeast and hydrogen peroxide. BAAC has the mechanical and physical characteristics of conventional cellular cements. The patented technology facilitates the production processes and allows an economic saving on raw materials and energy demand during industrial production.

Possible Applications

  • Green design and green building;
  • Walls with high thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Blocks / manufactured articles with high lightness and easy installation;
  • High fire protection walls;
  • Building walls with good vapor permeability;
  • Lightened attics.


  • High quality product;
  • Eco-sustainable production process;
  • Security of production process;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Reduction of production costs;
  • Environmental sustainability.