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Power supply module and its assembling method

cylindrical cellsElectric mobilityElectric vehicleshybrid vehicleslithium batteries


The invention refers to a solution for the integration of cylindrical lithium batteries, which allows to produce battery packs consisting of a large number of cells (eg.1000-10 000 units) to be used in automotive field and other industries. The module is claimed to provide a very high quality and reliability, being suitable for assembling in a highly automated environment.

Technical features

Over the last few years,  the global production capacity of lithium batteries has increased, while the product quality has improved and prices have steady decreased.  These elements made lithium batteries crucial for electric mobility. The small-format cylindrical cells are somewhat underestimated as they pose major integration challenges.

The proposed solution extends the use of cylindrical batteries to large applications, overcoming the current integration and safety issues in automotive field, and beyond; in particular the architecture of battery pack allows to maximize the energy density and the life span of the cells.  Since the cells are reusable, battery pack manufacturers deploying the patented technology are expected to witness the increase of the competitiveness and profitability of their businesses. The invention includes both the component and the method for integrating them in parallel and in series.


Possible Applications

  • Electric cars (BEV) and hybrid cars (HEV), ranging from compact to high-end models;
  • Light and heavy commercial vehicles, public transport vehicles;
  • Industrial and agricultural vehicles.


  • Higher performance in terms of energy density (for end users);
  • Better quality price ratio;
  • Increased active and passive safety of both the parcel and the vehicle;
  • Reduced risks for workers, assembly time and production costs (for producers).