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Pouch cell sealing method for flexible DSSC

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The “vacuum” sealing method applied to Dye sensitized solar cell here proposed, lead to easily and quickly obtain a performing, flexible and compact solar cell. This method exploits the coffee bag sealing process placing a transparent plastic substrate in the upper sealing section material in order to let the solar radiation penetrate and reach the photo-anode layer.

Technical features

The invention is exploiting a “vacuum pouch cell” method to seal a dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC). With this method a highly flexible photovoltaic device is obtained, with the smart insertion of a transparent polimericlayer, instead of the simple sealing material in the upper section. This sealing technology renders easy the integration of the DSSC with an energy storage media.

Possible Applications

  • Fabrication of an integrated power harvesting and storage device;
  • Utilization of the Dye sensitized solar cell or of the integrated device in off-grid sensor stations;
  • Implementation in portable and bendable electronic device;
  • Power generation in indoor conditions.


  • Easiness in the sealing process;
  • Remarkable flexibility;
  • Structural consistency;
  • Easy and smart integration with a storage power device;
  • Versatility of use.