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Posttranslational Intracellular Silencing Antibody Platform

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The present invention refers to a general method to select recombinant antibody domain (nanobodies) able to selectively bind and silencing intracellular post-translationally modified (PTM) targets. The antibodies obtained with the method described above can also be used for the validation of new therapeutic targets and for the generation of new diagnostic applications.

Technical features

PISA platform is a system to select a specific antibody domain (nanobody) from a collection of thousands of different recombinant antibody domains (library). The selection occurs in yeast cells which can survive in a selective media only upon interaction of the PTM protein target in its native conformation and the specific antibody domain able to recognize it. The nanobody selected can be recovered from the yeast cells as DNA. This allows to express the antibody domain of interest directly in eucariotic cells to silence the specific PTM or to produce it as protein for the use in research, therapeutic or diagnosis. The current technologies to produce anti-PTM antibodies relies on the use of PTM peptides instead of the whole native protein. Those antibodies very often do not work intracellularly because they do not recognize the PTM in the context of the native protein.

Possible Applications

  • Diagnosis;
  • New generation terapeutic tratments;
  • Research;
  • Target validation;
  • Cellular screening.


  • New generation drugs;
  • Characterization of new therapeutic target;
  • New generation diagnosis methods.