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Position/orientation measurement device

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The invention is an apparatus for the optoelectronic measurement of position and orientation of rigid bodies. The apparatus is characterized by a compact, simple and low-cost implementation.

Technical features

The method is based on the measurement of the position and the orientation of flat reflecting surfaces by means of discrete optoelectronic components. It is supposed that these surfaces are rigidly connected and can move relatively to the optoelectronic components. The measurement is performed by means of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) hosting the light source (LED) and three or more photodetectors (typically phototransistors) suitably arranged around the light source.

Possible Applications

  • Implementation of optoelectronic force/torque sensors;
  • Implementation of optoelectronic position and orientation sensors;
  • Entertainment and gaming;
  • Robotics.


  • Use of discrete optoelectronic components;
  • Simplified sensor electronics;
  • Sensor miniaturization;
  • Use of masks for removal of the coupling among different light sources is no longer necessary.