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Portable vessel scanner



The present invention relates to a portable scanning device for improving the identification of blood vessels promoting blood sampling or the administration of intravenous solutions or drugs. Frequently, identifying a vein or artery in the presence of a deteriorated or difficult vascular structure due to low patient blood pressure values (syncope or shock) or in pediatric or obese patients can be a very complex undertaking even for competent personnel, especially in situations of medical and/or home emergencies. Furthermore, the visualization of the vein and/or artery alone is important to facilitate sampling or cannulation. Therefore, an object of the present invention is to provide a vessel scanning device that partially or completely overcomes the drawbacks of the known devices. It is an object of the present invention to provide a portable device that is structurally simple, light, and not bulky while maintaining high levels of efficiency and reliability. TRL=3

Technical features

The portable vessel scanning device (Fig. 1 Marketing Annex – MA) for improving the identification of a blood vessel comprising an ultrasound probe (Fig. 2 MA) to identify the position of the blood vessel by receiving and transmitting ultrasonic signals and acquiring data, a heating unit (Fig. 3 MA) to generate heat at the blood vessel in the skin region to be analysed, a stabilization mechanism (Fig. 3 MA) to maintain the blood vessel at the position identified by the ultrasound probe (Fig. 3 MA), a control unit (Fig. 3 MA) connected to the ultrasound probe (Fig. 3 MA), the heating unit (Fig. 3 MA), and the stabilization mechanism (Fig. 3 MA) to control the reception and transmission of said ultrasonic signals and analyze the acquired data, to regulate the generation of heat and to manage the position of the blood vessel, a display unit connected to the control unit to view the analysed data and a support element in contact at least with the ultrasound probe, the heating unit, the stabilization mechanism, the control unit or the display unit. The divece is fixable to the individual’s body to hold at least the ultrasound probe firmly in contact with said skin region.

Possible Applications

  • Blood sampling or infusion of a substance into a patient with impaired vein or artery at home;
  • Home, ambulance and first aid emergencies for a patient with impaired vein or artery.


Identification of an impaired vein or artery for performing sampling or an infusion of a substance into:

  • Patients with low blood pressure values syncope or shock;
  • Obese patients;
  • Paediatric patients.