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Portable system for transponder characterization

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The invention relates to a low-cost portable device for the characterization of sensor devices with integrated passive (i.e: without their own power supply) RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponders. The system gives an evaluation of the transponder’s physical performance and of any variation that may occur over time.

Technical features

It consists of a low-cost portable device for the characterization of RFID transponder sensor devices which are passive, meaning they have not got their own power supply but they get power from the magnetic fields irradiated by reader devices. The system provides an evaluation of the physical performance of an RFID tag and any variation that may occur over time. Such variation may happen because of wear, damage or manufacturing process errors, but the presence of a connected sensor on the transponder may cause that too. The measurement device is basically made up of a control and computing unit, an electric signal generator unit, an electric return signal reception unit and electromagnetic coupling devices with a transponder.

Possible Applications

  • Anti-counterfeiting;
  • Environmental parameters measurement;
  • Goods preservation status;
  • Contaminated environments monitoring;
  • Controlled atmosphere areas management;
  • Biological hazard environments;
  • Transponder manufacturers.


  • Cost and size reduction;
  • Physical parameters and performances;
  • Remote acquisition;
  • Lightness;
  • Connection with PC and networks;
  • Sensitivity.