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Portable ionizer with 9V power supply

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An innovative portable device capable of ionizing the water collected from external and domestic environments. The electronic board consists of an “on” button connected to a 15-minute timer that allows the device to be turned off at the end of the finished cycle. The cycle will turn on a green LED for 20 seconds to indicate that the water has been treated and is ready to use.

Technical features

A portable device capable of ionizing water taken from external and domestic sources. The product’s capacity is 750ml of water, 500ml of alkaline water and 250ml of sour. The ionization process is started by an electronics inside the HDPE (High-density polyethylene) base of the product, which transfers electricity to four electrodes in AISI 304 stainless steel (a pair with a positive pole and one with a negative pole) thanks to a rechargeable battery from 9V. Compared to ionizers currently on the market, the electrodes do not come in contact for just a few seconds with the water, but they are completely immersed in it for 15 minutes, optimising the whole process. This does not alter the water in any way, but it merely extends the time needed for ionization. In addition, the fact that titanium with a plastic coating is not used significantly lowers production costs.

Possible Applications

  • Water deionization;
  • Sport and free time.


  • More compact product, adaptable to any environment;
  • No connection to the mains via a cable (plug) and no connection to the water supply;
  • Through a miniaturization of the technological component, it has a slightly larger size than a common water bottle;