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Portable automated friction welding system

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A portable, automated friction welding system and a kit of interconnects. The device carries out welding by applying pressure and rotation between elements to be connected, exploiting the heat generated by friction. It allows to create an effective joint between metal bars by means of the friction welding technique, guaranteeing the maintenance of structural continuity and, where necessary, mechanical performance.

Technical features

Portable device that allows welding metal rods, suitable for reinforcing bars used in concrete structures. It can also be used in all sectors for which it is necessary to connect pipes and elements that have parts to be joined with a diameter compatible with the covered range. The type of connection made by means of the device are head-to-head, performed via friction welding technique. This optimized process for the connection of metal rods consists in interposing a connecting element between the two bars to be joined. Such element can be of steel or other ferrous or non-ferrous alloys, such as aluminum, magnesium, similar or dissimilar alloys, depending on the base materials of the rods.

Possible Applications

  • Application for reinforcement bars used in concrete structures;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Aeronautical sector.


  • Ability to weld without machining the bars to be connected, overcoming the problems associated with cross section reduction of the bar;
  • Reduction of processing times and costs;
  • Reduction of concrete cover thickness;
  • No need for skilled operators;
  • Better performance than traditional welded joints under cyclic loading conditions;
  • Handy and compact device, easily transportable and usable on site.