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Porous scaffolds for biomedical uses

Bone tissue regenerationPorous polymeric scaffoldsRigenerazione tessuto osseoRigenerazione tessuto osseoTissue engineering


The invention concerns a novel method for manufacturing porous, tridimensional, biomedical, scaffolds starting from a polymer in water dispersion in a single manufacturing step. Right after preparation scaffolds are either ready to be used for cell culture or can undergo to different post processing steps with the aim of improving or modifying the scaffolds properties.

Technical features

In the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, scaffolds play a fundamental role in the growth and regeneration of a three-dimensional tissue. This technology allows to produce polymeric scaffolds modulated through the foaming process, using nitrous oxide as foaming agent. The new process simplifies significantly the manufacture of polymeric scaffolds and allows to obtain the desired degree of porosity with high reproducibility.

Possible Applications

  • Regeneration of bone tissue;
    • in vivo (as filling a cavity);
    • in vitro (through injection molding).


  • Simplification of manufacturing ;
  • Use of aqueous suspensions;
  • N2O as expanding material;
  • No toxic component;
  • Organic/inorganic additives incorporation;
  • Possibility of disposable dispensers;
  • Produced in sterile environment;
  • Possibility of direct in vivo injection.