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Polyvinylamine based material



The inventions refers to a material based on polyvinylamine with stability properties in the presence of water and a process for its production. Born from an interaction between the polyvinylamine compound and the suspended graphene the new composite can thus be used for the production of membranes coatings with improved mechanical properties.

Technical features

Membrane separation process can be applied to many capture processes from pre-combustion to post-combustion and are generally endowed with high flexibility and potentially low operative costs suitable for an efficient and economically feasible exploitation of such technology.

The proposed solution is a mechanically stable material based on polyvinylamine PVAm mixed with compounds that contain laminar particles, such as graphene. The material can be obtained with normal mixing techniques used industrially or directly during the production of the laminar material. The product obtain in this way can be used in different sectors including the modification of surfaces and or interfaces Because of its remarkable reactivity, it is possible to create bonds between polyvinylamine and several polymers of different nature and it remains stable both in presence of high humidity and in direct contact with water.

Possible Applications

  • Membrane for the separation of carbon dioxide, facilitating its absorption;
  • Additive for cellulose-based products, protective coating, adhesive agent, substrate for biological applications.


  • Simple, safe and reliable process;
  • Mechanically stable material.