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Polymeric nanoparticles for vascular theranostics

atherosclerotic plaqueDrug deliveryPolymeric Nanoparticlestheranostics


The main topic of the patent is represented by nanoparticles made of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) that could be find application for the diagnosis and for the therapy of atherosclerosis. The particles are loaded with monoclonal antibody and antibodies highly specific for plaque markers have been successfully grafted on their surface. The same polymeric platform could be find application even in diagnostics with the aim of distinguishing a stable and an unstable plaque.

Technical features

The polymeric nanoparticles represent an innovative approach for the therapeutic treatment and for the diagnosis of atherosclerosis. These nanosystems are considered as a platform for the encapsulation of monoclonal antibodies and they could be useful for the diagnosis of unstable plaques. This property will be fundamental to avoid surgical interventions that are currently conducted even when not necessary due to the lack of advanced diagnostic systems. The therapeutic approach will prove to be useful for plaques in the florid phase, whilst the diagnostic one will be useful for understanding which plaques must be treated, from a surgical point of view. Polymer nanoparticles are produced via emulsion (water / oil / water) and have exhibited good encapsulation efficiency. Immunoglobin has been successfully immobilized on their surface making them highly specific in recognising the extra-domain B of fibronectin.

Possible Applications

  • For targeted delivery;
  • For therapeutic molecule encapsulation;
  • For flourishing atherosclerotic plaque;
  • For the detection of stable and unstable plaque.


  • Easy of manufacturing;
  • Good entrapment efficiency of monoclonal antibodies;
  • Good surface functionalization with immunouteroglobin;
  • Innovative approach for diagnosis.