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Polymeric resins for the removal of toxic contaminants

ESTECHPolymeric resinsRemoval toxic contaminantsTrattamento acqueWater treatment


The invention regards the realization of a new adsorbent material with excellent sequestering properties for Arsenic (As V), Chromium (Cr VI) and Boron. It can be easily integrated with civil and industrial wastewater filtration systems for the removal of contaminants. Among these, As (V), even if present in trace amounts, is extremely toxic and continues to be present in the drinking water of various countries including some Italian regions.

Technical features

The resin, which can be realized with different shapes, sizes and chelating properties, possesses high sequestering capability and an interconnected macroporous architecture that provides rapid water diffusion paths, resulting in a full access to all available chelating sites. If compared to the current commercial resins, these characteristics imply lesser quantities of material utilization, obtaining the same chelating yields. This aspect constitutes a significant advantage in terms of production and disposal costs, with a related increase in environmental sustainability. The absorption capacity of arsenic (76.3 mg / g) and chromium (130.9 mg / g) is really remarkable if compared with similar commercial systems.

Possible Applications

  • Domestic filtration systems (e.g taps, filter cartridges);
  • Groundwater purification systems;
  • wastewater purification from industrial plants.



  • Higher adsorption efficiency; Arsenic (76.3 mg / g) and Chromium (130.9 mg / g);
  • Higher sequestering rate;
  • Different sizes, shapes and sequestering capacities according to the specific needs.