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The invention refers to a robust and very light  joint applicable in different sectors especially in the mechanical fields, not requiring neither ordinary nor extraordinary  maintenance, while its replacement can be carried out on site even by non-specialized staff without using particular tools.

Technical features

The invention stems from the need to develop a suspension system as light as possible for a solar competition vehicle, where the lightweight of the systems underlies the added value, being all other functional conditions equal. The fiber joint appears as a single webbing with a ring connection complying with any pin of sufficient diameter to enter it. It offers the advantage of adapting more easily to almost all installation environments, while its price is approximately five times lower than that of the closest mechanical alternative. Thus, the patented joint  is an innovative promising solution for the automotive industry and sports.

Possible Applications

  • Automotive and motorcycle industry (suspension, transmission and damping systems);
  • Precision mechanics (anti-tear arm safety systems, end-of-stroke systems such as damper spring and similar solutions).


  • Reduced cost;
  • Easy availability;
  • Great resistance to loads and impacts;
  • Resistance to atmospheric and salty agents.