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Pneumopipe: device for non invasive collection of exhaled breath

Exhaled breath collectionFingerprintingNon invasive screeningPreventionRespiratory diseases


Device for non invasive collection of exhaled breath. The individual has to breath normally into the Pneumopipe for three minutes. After this 3 minutes the exhaled breath has been collected into a cartridge which can be stored, delivered or measured by thermally desorbing its content into an instrument for gas and vapour analysis.

Technical features

Exhaled breath analysis, a non-invasive diagnostic procedure, is based upon a sampling device for breath collection, an apparatus for the sample delivery into the measure chamber and a gas sensor array. The Pneumopipe is a device for exhaled breath collection. The volatile mixture composing the exhaled breath is entrapped onto an adsorbing cartridge via Pneumopiepe from an individual normally breathing into a mouthpiece for three minutes. This procedure is very simple and cartridges outperform sampling bags in terms of preservation and transportability. Moreover, a thermal desorption process of the volatiles adsorbed on the cartridge can partially separate them by a given temperature profile. This separation, performed by the desorbing apparatus, improves sensor resolution via a preconcentration strategy.

Possible Applications

  • Diagnosis, monitoring and follow-up of many different diseses;
  • Use with scopes cited above in:
    • Point-of-care;
    • Drugstore;
    • Ambulatories.


  • Non invasive at all;
  • Standard procedure;
  • Collection of exhaled breath on cartridges which can be stored and delivered;
  • The cartridge collected so far can be measured with whatever instrument for gas and vapour analysis.