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Plant sequence as adjuvant for DNA vaccines

AntibodiesHPVPlant signal sequencePreventive genetic vaccineTumors/infections


‘Green Platform’ for the production of safe, more effective DNA vaccines against pathogenic infections, based on the fusion of a signal sequence of a plant protein with that of a viral antigen. These fusions have the ability to induce high expression of the antigen of interest and an increased immune response following genetic vaccination in a murine model

Technical features

The invention is related to the field of prevention and immunotherapy. It encompasses the fusion between genes encoding for tumor antigens or key antigens of human or animal pathogenic organisms with a signal sequence of plant origin. In particular, it relates to a chimeric nucleic acid sequence capable of directing the production of an immunogenic protein (antigen) in mammalian cells following its administration within an expression vector. The administration to a model animal (i.e. intra-muscularly or by electroporation) results in a robust, rapid and long-lasting immune response (i.e. antibodies) against the antigen to which the plant sequence has been fused.

Possible Applications

  • Genetic vaccines for clinical/veterinary use;
  • Prevention/Therapy of cancer by infectious agents;
  • Prevention of epidemics/pandemics/bioterrorism attacks;
  • Prevention of tumors with neo-antigens;
  • Therapy of pre-neoplastic lesions;
  • Therapeutic/Preventive activity in a single administration.


  • Short nucleotide sequence of plant origin that can be fused to several antigens;
  • Allows design of effective, safe and stable vaccines;
  • Ease of administration
  • Induction of a robust and long-lasting antibody response;
  • Ease of GMP production;
  • Cost-effectiveness / sustainability.