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Piezocone saturation check device

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Piezocone testing became an established testing procedure for soil classification and mechanical soil parameters in the eighties. A correct measurement of pore pressure during the test relies on the saturation of the sensor group. The invention refers to a tool and a method to verify the saturation of the sensor group in a piezocone.

Technical features

The invention consists in a method and a tool that establish a quantitative criterium to define the saturation degree of the sensor group in a piezocone tip. The invention is a pocket tool that can check instantaneously the saturation of the sensor group of a Piezocone Penetration Test (CPTU) tip, using a proven technique. Therefore it allows to establish the reliability of the measurements made during a CPTU sounding. The procedure is to be carried out both before testing and at the end of the CPTU sounding to verify eventual loss in saturation during the test, because of unsaturated strata encountered, for example, or due to gas in the soil layers.

Possible Applications

  • In research field to compare and identify the most suitable saturation fluid and technique;
  • As a routine tool by CPTU contractors to guarantee data quality;
  • Application to other field testing devices after further technological development.


  • Increased reliability in the CPT measurements;
  • Verification of the sensor gorup saturation before and after test;
  • Quantitative criteria for quality assessment of CPTU tests;
  • Reduction in testing cost and time.