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Photocatalytic paints in the visible region

Anti-virusesEnvironmental engineeringPhotocatalytic paintPollutant removalSelf-cleaning material


The invention is based on a new material that has the ability to remove and decompose different organic and inorganic substances (including many fine particles, PM10), as well as viruses, etc. The process is activated by the classic indoor lighting, without necessarily using the UV component. The process is based on an efficient photocatalysis and works even using only the visible light.

Technical features

The proposed solution is based on the effects of photocatalysis, which can be activated with high efficiency even with visible light. Through the development of a new organic material coupled with an efficient photocatalyst such as TiO2, it has been possible to use the visible part of the spectrum to decompose various organic and inorganic systems, as well as to sterilize the surfaces covered with the hybrid system.

The new hybrid material is suitable for making paints to be used in indoor environments where the UV component is not present, but which efficiently manages to equally remove harmful substances.

The advantage concerns in clean and sterilized surfaces using normal ambient lights. The product is non-toxic and with low production costs.

Possible Applications

  • Self-cleaning surfaces in construction and in environmental engineering;
  • Equipment for air purification and air sterilization;
  • Water purification, in particular drinking water, also for antibacterial and antiviral purposes;
  • Indoor and outdoor coatings and tiles.


  • Cleaning and sterilization of surfaces by means of lighting;
  • The light can be free of UV component to obtain the complete degradation of organic substances;
  • Ease of use in indoor conditions;
  • Absence of harmful substances in the patented product.