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Phase change materialsThermal energy storageTransient thermodynamicWaste-to-Energy plant


The invention relates to the use of superheaters realized with particular metallic alloys inside the combustion chamber of the incinerators plant, that allow to increase the temperature of the heated steam and the energy efficiency of the system.

Technical features

The proposed technology exploits the phase change of some metal alloys with high thermal conductivity to store/release heat at a constant temperature and allow the use of superheaters in the combustion chamber of the incinerators plant. These superheaters make it possible to overcome the problems due to high temperature corrosion and the variability of the heating power of the waste fuel, thus allowing to increase the temperature of the steam beyond the current technical limits and to improve the overall energy efficiency of the plant. The invention is also applicable to other plants for the energy conversion of heat and electricity, whose heat sources are characterized by high fluctuations. The system has been validated through computational simulations and numerical models. Prototype testing has been successful and further experimentation with the refinement of the technology is underway.

Possible Applications

  • Incinerators;
  • Thermodynamic solar systems.


  • Modular technology;
  • High energy density;
  • Energy saving.