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Phage vector platform for applications and SDT

Bacteriophagemolecular biotechnologynanobiotechnologysonodynamic therapytargeting vector


The invention could be applied to personalized medicine and innovative therapies for sonodynamic applications (SDTs). It refers to the engineered bacteriophages redirected for the selective ablation of specific cell types of medical, veterinary, microbiological, industrial and environmental interest.

Technical features

Bacteriophages (phages) are ubiquious viruses that infect bacteria while being inactive against eukaryotic cells. They can act as modular platforms to generate innovative therapeutic vectors, since they are easy to modify and redirect to different cell types, replacing the specific recognition proteins exposed by the phage. In our case, the bacteriophages get redirected to selectively attack certain types of cells and engineered to convey powerful, sound-sensitizing molecules.

The invention consists of a phage vector platform that can be used for the selective SDT of either bacterial or cancer cells. Upon the ultrasound irradiation of the specimen, the vector selectively mediates the killing of the target cells, increasing the efficacy and specificity of the SDT, while lowering the threshold of intensity of useful ultrasonic power.

Possible Applications

  • Non-invasive and selective antimicrobial therapies;
  • Non-invasive and selective antitumour therapies;
  • Targeted ablation of specific cell types.


  • Modularity of the platform;
  • Superior effectiveness of the carrier compared to other systems used in SDT;
  • Affordability of Redirection through basic molecular techniques;
  • Low-cost phage vector production;
  • Very low cytotoxicity of the vector itself