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PGM-free three-way catalyst

CoppernanocompositesNickelPGM-freethree-way catalyst TWC


This patent describes the production process and composition of a three-way catalyst based on copper and nickel. By replacing platinum and rhodium (PGMs – platinum group metals) in catalytic converters used in vehicles fueled by gasoline, production costs will decrease, without reducing their effectiveness in converting toxic gas emissions.


Technical features

This invention introduces copper and nickel-based granular nanocomposites in three-way catalyst, for use in catalytic converters for the automotive industry. The production process of the catalytic surface is optimized so that the copper and nickel are finely dispersed on a gamma-alumina support. Moreover, the synthesis process prevents the formation of nickel hydroxide, a toxic compound. The performance of this catalytic formulation is close to that of the products currently on the market for the conversion of toxic emissions, i.e. the reduction of volatile organic compounds, the conversion of CO to CO2 and the transformation of nitrogen oxides in N2. Since platinum and rhodium (PMGs) are considered critical raw materials in the European Union, this innovation will reduce the dependency on such elements, leading to a likely decrease in costs.

Possible Applications

  • Three-way catalyst;
  • Catalytic converter;
  • Exhaust gas treatment;
  • Domestic and industrial combustion gas treatment;
  • Reduction of VOCs, methane, CO and other uncombusted gases;
  • DeNOx process.


  • Effective conversion of toxic emissions;
  • PGM-free;
  • Cheaper raw materials;
  • Avoids nickel oxide formation;
  • High catalytic activity;
  • Stable and resistant to deactivation;
  • Less energy for thermal treatment required;
  • Minor production time and waste.