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Personalized wound healing of cutaneous lesions

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The invention describes the development of an innovative and personalized compressive sheath, that can be applied on different body parts, to optimize the healing of cutaneous lesions derived from surgical treatments. The device is able to apply a gradual compression on cutaneous scars based on different clinical needs, avoiding the drawbacks related to the cicatrisation process.

Technical features

The invention comprises  of a personalized compressive sheath that can be worn by a patient after a surgical treatment (as the intervention of brachioplasty) to optimize wound healing. The device is characterized by reinforcing elements that wrap the sheath and are shaped based on the specific body part/scar shape and size. These are characterized by traction elements that anchor on a roller in order to furnish a variable flexibility to reinforcing elements. This system allows to gradually compress the injured area to avoid the drawbacks of wound healing and to optimize aesthetically and functional results of cicatrisation. The device is light, wearable, manoeuvrable and suitable to be applied for any body part.

Possible Applications

  • Brachioplasty;
  • Application to any body section affected by a cutaneous lesion derived from surgical treatment.


  • Gradual compression of scar;
  • Differential compression among the injured area and the remaining body district;
  • Avoiding hypertrophic and keloidal healing;
  • Avoiding seroma and haematoma;
  • Aesthetically improve wound healing/scar formation.