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Personalized Vacuum Bell for pectus excavatum treatment

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The aim of this invention is to create a Vacuum Bell, customized on patient anatomy, suitable for the pectus excavatum correction. This personalization  allows a better adherence to the chest with consequent increase in more effectiveness in terms of achievable depression and, therefore, reduction of treatment time and better comfort perceived by the patient.

Technical features

The Vacuum Bell and the relative construction method claimed in the patent allow the design and the manufacturing of customized equipment for the treatment of pectus excavatum. This Vacuum bell is able to ensure a more efficient and shorter treatment since it is conformed to the patient anatomy. In particular, the design procedure consists of first scanning the chest on which the boundaries of the area to be treated are defined.  Finally, a CAD procedure allows the automatic development of the three-dimensional model of the vacuum bell to be manufactured with different techniques such as additive manufacturing ones.

Possible Applications

  • Medical sector;
  • Vacuum bell construction.


  • Personalized device;
  • Greater ergonomics;
  • More efficient treatments;
  • Reduced treatments timing;
  • More depression in the area to be treat;
  • Treatment of pectus asymmetry.