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Passive UltraWideBand RFID for localization

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The developed system Ultra Wide Band – RFID allows for the precise location and tracking of tagged objects, at low cost. It is made by a reader that interrogates multiple tags (passive or semi-passive) thus determining their distance with centimeter-level accuracy.

Technical features

The system Ultra Wide Band (UWB) – RFID is made by a reader that interrogates multiple tags (passive or semi-passive) in the vicinity by transmitting a query signal. The tags respond to reader via backscatter modulation that is to vary the load as a function of the antenna that the tag sends the reader (typically the identifier). By a proper analysis of the UWB backscattered signal, the reader is able to estimate with centimeter-level accuracy the distance of tags (ranging). If more readers are present, tags can be localized by combining all ranging estimates.

Possible Applications

  • Centimeter-level ranging accuracy of batteryless tags;
  • RFID systems;
  • Precise localization and tracking
    of the objects with tags at low cost.


  • Several UWB-RFID systems coexisting in the same area;
  • Resistance to interference;
  • Centimeter-level ranging;
  • Low average power transmitted;
  • Excellent penetration through walls;
  • Higher degree of security ;
  • High number of tags manageable simultaneously.