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Panel with core obtained from plants

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A biocompatible sandwich panel whose core is made, in a non-limiting example, of tubular elements obtained from the culms of plants belonging to the genus Arundo. The skins of the the proposed panel are made of fiber-reinforced thermosetting polymer matrix composite material. An efficient and easy-to-reproduce in industrial scale manufacturing method is proposed.

Technical features

This invention consist in a sandwich panel (and the relative manufacturing process) which core is made of elements obtained from the culms of Arundo Donax plants that can be considered as a waste material. The panel results to be biodegradable, eco-friendly and cost effective. The geometries of the inner part of the panel (i.e., core and skins) and the material to be used for the composite skins may be changed thus allowing to the material properties modulation.

Possible Applications

  • Marine Industry;
  • Civil structures;
  • Temporary structures;
  • Pedestrian steps;
  • Protection Panels;
  • Noise barriers.


  • Structural elements from waste materials;
  • Low production cost;
  • Modular element;
  • Biocompatibility;
  • High mechanical properties.