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Panel for variable transmittance wall

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Panel for the realization of multilayer external walls with high thermal performances. The component creates an active hollow space able to obtain a variable thermal transmittance. The panel integrated with other products creates prefabricated multilayer components for external wall caracterized by high energy efficiency, low installation costs, self-supporting and lightweight.

Technical features

The panel comprises a plastic or metallic configured to create an active hollow space having a modular and standard dimensions. It provides: pipes for in/out external air to activate the ventilation; pre-cut openings and shanks in order to allow vertical and longitudinal couplings; various shapes “waves” on front and rear surfaces for stiffening and increasing the heat exchange capacity. Natural or forced ventilation can be controlled by the difference temperatures between external and internal air by way of temperatures or thermal flow probes and regulators. The pannel can be coupled with other construction elements (thermal insulating materials, phase change materials, finish layer) to create multilayer parts and / or complete walls.

Possible Applications

  • Panel for in situ realization of multilayer external walls responsive and having a variable thermal trasmittance;
  • Panel coupled with other materials layers (insulating materials, phase change materials, finish layer,) to create parts and/or complete external walls;


  • Variable thermal transmittance and responsive to different internal and external conditions walls;
  • Controllable thermal transmittance according to external/internal temperatures or thermal flows;
  • Vapor barrier;
  • Ventilation with cold/hot or subjected to isoenthalpic humidification air 5 heat transfer active wall.