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Packaging material



The invention consists of a transparent material capable of protecting the contents of a package from deterioration due to oxygen penetration. The barrier consists of a film that can be placed between two layers of conventional materials in packaging for food cosmetics, drugs and other oxygen-sensitive substances.

Technical features

Many products, such as food, drugs and cosmetics, deteriorate when they come into contact with atmospheric oxygen. To prevent oxidation, oxygen must be removed from the container, or must not enter the container where the products are stored. The conventional approach aims at avoiding or reducing the presence of oxygen in the packaging, basically making the materials oxygen-repellent, through the introduction of a barrier layer that prevents the passage of oxygen. The new formulation “barriers against molecular oxygen” contains substances able to consume oxygen with high yields and high speeds that can be integrated into films or absorbent oxygen bags for packaging.

Possible Applications

Packaging for:

  • Food and drink;
  • Drugs;
  • Cosmetics.


  • Non-toxic and transparent material;
  • Use of materials deriving from food waste;
  • Efficiency of the oxygen barrier;
  • Low cost material.