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Orthotic for plantary receptor rehabilitation

EquilibrioEquilibriumFunctional rehabilitationmotion rehabilitationMotor rehabilitationPhysiotherapyRiabilitazione neuro funzionale


The device designed and built is focused on achieving an identifiable and measurable improvement in the motor behavior of patients suffering from pathology of plantar sensitivity of the foot. The neuro-functional function is obtained with the generation of harmonic mechanical stimulations with a frequency between 50 and 150 Hz.

Technical features

The device supports the functional recovery of walking disorders and disorders in the maintenance of upright posture connected with the loss of plantar sensory receptors within the foot. Specifically, the device consists of a folded sheet insole, which can be inserted inside a shoe, with an electronic circuit and sensors that are responsible for driving the engine that leads to the generation of vibrations. The solution of using an insole for neuro-functional stimulation was designed to be able to use the device even during a walk. In fact, in this way, the vibration is activated only when the foot is resting. Therefore, during the walk only the supporting limb is stimulated, while the swinging limb does not undergo any stimulus.

Possible Applications

  • Neuro-functional rehabilitation area for neurological lesions;
  • Diabetic foot;
  • Rehabilitation of posture and walking


  • Functional recovery by improving walking, for patients with damage to the sensory receptors of the foot;
  • Increase in muscle tone of gravity muscles.