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Optimized energy storage system and related method

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The idea is that of an optimized storage system in which a gas is compressed by introducing liquid into a pressure tank using a high-efficiency hydraulic pump. During this phase, a heat exchanger placed all around the storage tank, will take the heat produced during compression, to use it outside of the system.

Technical features

The system is designed to simultaneously accumulate and supply electrical and thermal energy when needed, and is equipped with a tank designed to contain liquid and gas separated from each other either by a piston or via a membrane bag. Outside the tank there is a heat exchanger designed to recover a quantity of heat, that develops during the storage of electricity inside the storage medium. A hydraulic pump designed to allow the passage of liquid from an external tank inside the storage tank. A Pelton turbine and an electric generator, designed for the production of electricity and finally a hot water collection tank connected to the exchanger, with a better compression efficiency. After compression there is a pause period, and subsequently, when the demand for electricity appears, the high pressure water is released into a Pelton turbine coupled to a high efficiency electric generator, thus producing electricity.

Possible Applications

  • To smooth out the peak electricity demand in a building / smart grid;
  • To ensure energy self-sufficiency in off-grid systems with the combination of photovoltaic / wind power;
  • For charging electric vehicles in buildings;
  • In air conditioning systems of a full electric building.


  • The mechanical parts used have a high number of operating hours;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Eco-compatibility;
  • Flexible and scalar system, usable for a very wide range of powers and therefore a wide range of applications.