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Optimization of automatic cultivation processes

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The invention consists of a computational method for modelling biological systems intended for automatic culture processes. The models that follow the proposed method allow to generate the culture protocols to guide the system towards specific objectives.

Technical features

The invention consists of a method for modeling biological systems which takes into consideration their organization in space and time.
The resulting model allows to highlight both the properties emerging from the interaction of the different biological entities that make up the system, and the characteristics of the culture process.
Through appropriate models, the proposed method allows to automatically generate culture protocols aimed at achieving specific objectives.

Possible Applications

  • Design implementation of synthetic biological systems;
  • Improvement of biotechnological processes in the energy, food and pharmaceutical fields;
  • In vitro engineering of biological tissues.


  • Automation and customization of cultivation processes;
  • Standardization and sharing of protocols;
  • Portability and adaptability on different culture systems;
  • Scalability on biological diversity and complexity.