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On road embedding of coils for WPT

Charging infrastructureCTENEXTDynamic chargeWireless Power Transfer (WPT)


The invention describes methods and materials for the direct embedment in the road pavement of the coils for a system of inductive charge for electric vehicles. These procedures and materials avoid the appearance of phenomena of parasitic coupling of the coils with the ground. These phenomena, in fact, can alter the electromagnetic behaviour of the coils compromising the charging process.

Technical features

The invention describes the procedure for the direct installation, without additional protective cases, of induction coils inside the road pavement for applications dedicated to the inductive power transfer (wireless), with particular emphasis on the moving and stationary charge of electric vehicles. In addition, the inventionproposes the realization of this type of applications by exploiting materials already of common use in other sectors, such as the construction industry, due to their easy availability and low cost.

Specifically, the materials considered the most suitable avoid the appearance of capacitive couplingphenomena of the coils towards the ground. These phenomena can become evident for the frequencies atwhich the power transfer is to be performed, and then constitute a large limitation thereof.

Possible Applications

  • On road embedment of coils supplied at frequencies higher than few kilohertz;
  • Installation in fields other than the road one (e.g., industrial warehouses).


  • Elimination of the problems of parasitic coupling;
  • Fast and simple installation;
  • Low cost of materials involved;
  • Elimination of additional protective cases;
  • Intrinsic protection from external agents.