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Oleandrin: for the treatment of brain tumor

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The invention consists in identifying in oleandrin, the plant bio-agent extracted from the Nerium Oleander plant, a drug aimed not only at counteracting the growth of glioma, inducing cell death only in tumor cells and not in healthy tissue; but also, to modify the tumor microenvironment by disfavouring tumor progression and development.

Technical features

Glioblastoma is the most common and aggressive brain tumor in adults, characterized by a high invasive and proliferative capacity, widespread astrogliosis, and high tumor infiltration by microglia and macrophages. Currently, the only possible treatment for patients with glioblastoma involves surgical resection of the tumor followed by radiotherapy and chemo-therapy with Temozolomide. The treatments available in case of relapse are largely ineffective and in most cases the prognosis does not exceed 15 months of life expectancy. The intraperitoneal administration of oleandrin in mice with brain tumor can significantly reduce the tumor volume and increase the survival of the animals. Furthermore, the simultaneous administration of temozolamide and oleandrin significantly prolongs the survival curve of the animals compared to mice not treated or treated only with temozolamide.

Possible Applications

  • Treatment and / or prevention of a brain tumor;
  • Treatment and / or prevention of glioma, preferably in combination with another anti-tumor and therapeutic treatment.


  • Identification of a molecule capable of counteracting tumor development;
  • Direct action on cancer cells;
  • Indirect action by acting on the cerebral microenvironment;
  • Induction of the release of endogenous molecules able to counteract tumor development.