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OHH Zero Plastic to Drink

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Device suitable for any round section water bottle, capable of detecting the amount of water refilled from time to time. The technology responds to the need to track the environmental impact of one’s hydration automatically by inviting consumers to prefer a source of drinking water that doesn’t involve the consumption of plastic bottles.

Technical features

Device which, based on mass monitoring through the use of a load cell, allows the user to monitor the amount of water refilled through their water bottle. The device is equipped with a display on which it is possible to visualize the progressive achievement of the daily hydration goal, the amount of plastic bottles and CO2 saved by the user who has chosen to use the water bottle in association with the device. If the user wishes to recharge the water bottle, it is necessary to start the recharge mode by giving a force to the load cell that will produce a feedback and then place the water bottle on a flat surface to allow calibration. Once the refill operation is complete, place the water bottle on a flat surface to record the weight change and, ultimately, the amount of water charged.

Possible Applications

  • Smart health;
  • IoT and utilities: integrated water service; widespread free drinking water service;
  • Awareness and communication campaigns: water as a public good; single-use plastic reduction.


  • Compatible with every round section water bottle on the market;
  • Automatic refill recording;
  • Offline accessibility;
  • Precise monitoring of the amount of water refilled;
  • Guided refill mode;
  • Low power consumption.